Our Accreditation Standards

For Local Industries on the aspects of Contribution towards a Formidable and Sustainable National Economy


The main objective of the project for which the accreditation standards are formulated is to build a formidable National Economy in the country by popularizing the locally manufactured products. This is achieved by way of educating and motivating consumers to purchase locally manufactured products. In the end a consumption culture will be created where locally manufactures products are given preference over imported products and also the local industrialists will be encouraged to manufacture import substitutes.

In the process of promoting locally manufactured products, the accreditation is used as a tool to build up confidence among people over the local industries and products. Standards described in this manual are to be used in the process of accreditation which is conducted by a specialist committee. There are two types of accreditation awards – one is awarded to the organization and the other is to the product. Accredited organizations and products will be permitted to use the trade mark or the logo of the accreditation organization (AO) in their promotional campaigns, on agreed conditions.

The AO is responsible for maintaining the integrity of the trade mark and also for the general promotion of the trade mark. The trade mark carries the message that particular product is locally manufactured and consumption of which will contribute towards building the National Economy. The motto of the trade mark is GANNA APE DE. AO will also support the local industries by way of providing expertise to improve the quality of the products, increase the productivity and competitiveness, settle industrial disputes, optimize the utilization of locally available raw materials and technology and also to engage in inventions, product development and research activities.


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